Compare Loan Interest Rates

Comparing the loan interest rates are the first step of getting loan, never and ever depend one the 1st. lender that you met. Just spending some times to investigate the current market information, you will save up much money and get a better offer from the competitive market.

Here are some guides to help you compare the loan rates from multiple lenders :-

1) Ensure you understand the concept of loan interest, the interest is the money you must pay for the lender for being lending a sum of money to you for various uses. Even s lightly different of interest rate, it will generate a big different in the long run term.

2) There are 2 major loan types, the secured and unsecured loan. Types of secured loan such as home loans, car loans, business loans and etc. While the unsecured loans have personal loans, cash loans, payday loans, student loans and etc.

3) Understand the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and APY (Annual Percentage Yield). The consumers basically refer to APR while deposit accounts are refer to APY.

4) Find out the status of your credit rating, this is the most important factor that affect the loan interest rates offer from lenders. Should you find any mistakes on your report, take immediate action to rectify it before meet up with lenders.

5) Shop for multiple lenders, whether lenders online or just walk in to the high street banks, credit unions. Sometimes the rate from credit union will be lower than any other source.

6) Beware of the option, is the rate offered is for fixed or variable option. The variable options are low at the beginning but increase tremendously from the mid of payment term.

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