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The interest loan rate always is the biggest concern for many peoples when getting a loan. The fact is how to choose the best rate option that suits to your situation.

There are 2 major option - fixed and variable rate of the loan. Recently a lot of peoples believe that the fixed rate is the best option for home purchase, it can prevent extra cost from rate increase. But how about the market rate going down? Thus, there are no absolute best rate for borrower. In my opinion, we should select the loan option based on our own circumstances. For instance, if the purpose of buying a house is for investment I'll choose the variable rate. Because the rate is always low for the first 5 years, the house might be sell within 5 years.

Before settle down a loan, you must be ready to ask for all relevant questions to the representative of lender. Be sure you are fully understand the loan and rate in particular. When you are understand the exact what you going into, will avoid worse problems happen.

One of the most important factor that affect the rates offer is your credit score, so knowing your credit score before seek for the quotes is first task. Get your free report from "experian", "equifax" or "Transunion". Repair your credit if necessary and report for immediate correction should you found any mistakes in your credit report.

The other factor is the down payment, if you can place a 30% as a down payment when purchase a car or home, lenders will likely to reduce the interest rate cause their lending risk been reduced.

Spending much times to gather information, advice from friends, broker, you can find the best rate in marker.

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