Loan Repayments For Direct Loan

Learn how to choose a best Loan Repayments method for Direct Loan.

After graduated, as a wise borrower shall choose the right loan repayments for Direct Loan during grace period for Direct Loan. Generally there are 4 main types of repayment method available. Before selection, you need to forecast how to generate the sufficient income for paying the loan.

But borrower are allow to change the repayment method during the loan term if they found out that the method is not suitable for them.

Please take a look at the following guides and tips :-

1) The 4 types of repayment method for Direct Loans are standard, extended, graduated, and income contingent.

2) The 'Standard' option - Loan term limited to 10 years, the monthly amount paying is higher than other options cause of 10 years term. You will save up much money for long run.

3) The 'Extended' option - The loan term up to 25 years, bu the amount owed shall more than 30,000 to qualified for this option. At the end you will paying much cause the term extended, anyway you may change this option to 'Standard' should you need to pay-off the debt earlier.

4) The 'Graduate' option - the loan amount will be less at beginning but will keep increasing every 2 years. If you think that your income will be increasing steadily, this option will be fits to you.

5) The 'Income Contingent' option - the loan amount will be determine according to your income, family size and how much owed. The different point of this option among other option is the loan term will up to 25 years, if you unable to pay-off the loan amount it will be discharged. But may have to still pay taxes on that amount.

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