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When purchase a home, you will usually approach few loan quotes to prepare a loans compare. Only the best will be consider, most lenders use different criteria to determine the rates for borrower, and the terms that a borrower will be offered will often vary greatly.

Due to the size of the loan amount taken, even a slightly difference of the loan rate will cause a big different. Thus, it is important to compare the loan rates before taking the offer.

Here are some tips and guides for your reference and action :-

1) Usually the loan offers from lenders are come with 2 forms, the variable rate and the fixed rate. The variable rate will be increase or decrease at the mid of the loan term, but the fixed rate option is just charged a same rate for the whole tenure. Compare the differences, find out which option is more beneficial to you. If you are planning to invest for a short times, it is better to consider variable rate cause the rate is definitely lower than fixed rate.

2) Compare the admin / closing fees charges of the loan - the fees imposed by multiple lenders might be vary, compare the fees and figure out the differences. The fees such appraisal fees, lender fees and title transfer fees, some will appear while lenders are not charging the same.

3) Beware of the prepayment penalties contained with the loan agreement - normally lender will lock-in certain period of the term, make sure the locked-in term is acceptable.

4) Finally, the loan structure - Home loan lenders are always asking for payment monthly, while there are some lenders will have a 2 weeks term or half month term. Select the most appropriate loan term for your self.

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