Loans With CCJS

Learn how to acquire loans with CCJS here.

The CCJS (Country Court Judgements) are legal decisions handed down by County Courts, this is a legal system of England and Wales. They have list of authorized credit reference agencies to assess the credit-worthiness of individuals.

If you have a poor credit history with CCJS, qualifying for loans can be a major problem. Most of the money lenders, banks or financial institutions will not lend any loans to you. Thus, for those who have CCJS in their credit, they will try to remove it immediately. The removal of this CCJS can take months to proceed. However, life is going on, if you never take any effort to get rid of this situation it will remaining until you make a change.

If you making effort to remove the CCJs , although still in process, the banks or other financial lenders will try to helping you by reduce the loan rate. Sometimes the rate could be reduce substantially. To remove the CCJs quickly, you must have the following things :-

1) The original summon

2) The name of the plaintiff and the court name

3) The case number of CCJS

Nevertheless, there are still some CCJS Loans offering by lenders in the market. Just spending much times on research, you will get them. Below are some CCJS loan products found :-

1) Homeowner & Home Improvement Loans

2) Secured & Unsecured Loans

3) Cash Loans & many others

All financial products mentioned are made to this special situation. The interest rate of these products might be very high, after all lenders are considered all these are high risk lending.

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