Long Term Commercial Loan

A long term commercial loan is essential for many businesses, many entrepreneurs utilize this loan to expand their business, purchase assets, purchase equipment or machines. In order to get the loan, borrower shall prepare their credentials prior to asking for the loan.

Here are some instructions and guides for the loan :-

1) Brief clearly on why you need the loan when meet with the lender. For instance if you need to purchase an equipment, be specific on the brand and price.

2) Get a consultant to prepare a loan proposal prior to meet up with lender, be sure you are clearly understand the proposal and the objective of getting the loan. After all you are the one who attend the interview by lender.

3) Put your priority to the local bank which familiar with you and your company. They are more likely to lending long term loan to you.

4) If you are not satisfied with the offer, discuss with the banker / lender, ask for the instruction to get the desire term and condition, make the application done.

5) Some time the application may be denied due to poor credit, in the case banker may refer a financial institution who specially deal with the bad credit case to you.

6) You may take the offer even it's not as good as expected, if the expansion and equipment is the must for your company. After 6 months, you may renegotiate with the institution about the term.

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