Mortgage Loan After Bankruptcy

Sound fantastic when heart about mortgage loan after bankruptcy, but it's true. This loan is made for those declared bankruptcy and need to buying a home. Getting this loan will not only finance for home but it will re-establish credit, when taking this loan the home or property will serves as collateral. If borrower default the payment, lender will foreclosure on home or property.

This bankruptcy home loan is beneficial to borrower, but how are you going to tackle the lender to get the loan? Lender who lending this loan will not only concerned monthly payments, they will look for your expenses, taxes, maintenance and insurance.

Here are some tips provided for your reference, hopefully you can get the loan soon :-

1) Steady income and employment - lenders are more preferable to lending money for those with stable income and employment, if you have worked with a company more than 1 year you stand a chance to get the loan. Make sure the monthly payment of the loan is affordable by you.

2) Down payment - Although down payment is not require by this loan, but if you can place at least 10% of the loan amount you will significantly lower down the interest rate.

3) Establish a new line of credit - to rebuild a credit is the must for those declared bankruptcy. The fastest way is very simple, just apply for a secured credit card, once your credit improved, look for unsecured credit card. Open at least 3 credit accounts, maintain low balances, never default the payments. If possible, pay-off the balance every months.

4) Routine check your credit report, once your credit has improved. Regularly check the error or inaccuracies in your report, If errors appear on your credit report, contact the credit report bureau to file a dispute, and the creditor to resolve the issue.

For more information about the mortgage loan, please check out Home Loan Guide instead of Mortgage Loan After Bankruptcy

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