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Learn more about mortgage loans online.

Nowadays, many peoples will surf home loans online instead of shop at banks, loan financial offices. All quotes, information and queries can be done online some more online lenders are more efficient to proceed loan application.

Below are some useful tips to seek for best online loan :-

1) There are several types of companies doing the lending business : direct lenders is only fund their own loans; referral services companies will refer you to the best company to fit your loan needs; brokers that search out the best deal and process your application; and mortgage auction sites that solicit bids from lenders based on your profile. Search them out, decide which type of companies you wish to deal with.

2) When deal with online lenders, you must identify whether the home is purchase by personal or business corporate or need to refinance. Requirements for both are vary, find out the differences and decide to the one which more favor to you.

3) Find the brokers, lenders that are not charges application fees or with minimum charges. It could save you much money.

4) Ask the lender, is there any prepayment penalties for the loan. This penalties can be cost thousands if you sell your home within the lock-in period of the contract. The lock-in period could be several months till years, depend loan company.

5) Check the closing cost and other fees charged by lender, some fees are based on your credit score. It could be waive if you credit score is good or excellent.

6) Make sure you are comparing the same type of mortgage when evaluating your options. Make a spreadsheet and print it out if necessary.

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