Mortgage Refinance Loan

Timing to take mortgage refinance loan is very subjective for individual situation. The mortgage rate also keep changes daily, to make the best timing for your self you should based on the following criteria :-

1) Duration plan to stay in the house - if you plan to staying for long times, after several years you may consider for refinance.

2) Check your home equity earned and how is the market rate compare with your existing loan rate.

3) The closing costs charged from lender, to calculate and analyze is that worth to refinance. Is the interest rate offering now will reduce your monthly payment or shorten loan term.

4) Are you looking for money? Is the purpose of refinance worth to take it? Be sure the reason of taking the loan is worth, anyhow, taking a loan always associated with risks.

5) Check your current loan agreement, is there any prepayment penalties for earlier settlement or refinance. Choose the lender with minimum fine (charges).

6) When you intended to change the ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) to fixed rate option. Fixed rate is easier to monitor, regardless of market the payment remained the same from beginning till end of the tenure.

7) When you need cash to pay-off some bills or debt.

Refinance at the right timing with a favorable rate may reduce your financial burden. Nevertheless, not all situations are suitable for refinance, if your loan debt is nearly pay-off or existing loan interest rate similar with refinance rate, there are not worth to refinance. At the end you may paying much money.

Getting a right loan lender also another factor to determine worth or not for refinance. Nowadays, there are many fraud companies cheating borrowers at the market. Thus, make sure the company is legitimate and reliable.

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