Nelnet Student Loan

One of the popular loan offer at Nelnet is Nelnet Student Loan. Beside federal loan, this loan is well-known by U.S. students, especially in Nelnet.

Nelnet is a one of the education planning and funding company in United State. Formerly was known as UNIPAC Loan Service Corporation during 1978 and renamed as Nelnet in year of 1996. This company has provides many loan products and services to students, included full range of student loan consolidation. Includes student loan origination and lending, holding, student loan and guarantee servicing and software solutions.

Here are some benefits of Nelnet loans

1) It can be track out easily, all information can be found online.

2) Instant approval progress online

3) Low interest rate

4) Flexible repayment term

5) No payment during school, but allow student begin the repayment if they are capable and willing to shorten repayment period and reduce interest.

6) Reduction benefits for on-time payment.

7) Payment term up of the loan can be up to 25 years.

Nelnet has provided numerous repayment options to suit to student preference.

5 repayment options

1) Kwikpay - Recurring automatic debit

2) Automated phone system payments

3) Web (Nelnetpay)

4) Overnight payment. These include level or standard payments, graduated payments, and income-sensitive payments.

5) Online banking

Among the 5 options of payment, Kwikpay is the most convenient option. It will auto debit to your account, what you need to do is just checking the statement online and make sure you have sufficient fund for auto debit.

Although the loan packages provide are favorable to students, but just borrow the exact amount you need instead of borrowing much. After all, you still need to repay back the principal amount and interest to lender.

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