New Car Loan Rate

Do you want to buy a new car? If yes, you gonna check out the new car loan rate in the market. The possibility of getting lowest interest rate is highest when searching online. Through the competitive loan market, some lenders even offer "zero interest payment", but with some "exceptional" fees. So when dealing with various lenders don't just attracted by the interest rate, there are many factors you need to be consider such :-

1) Your credit score - you must check your credit score before shop to the lender. Normally, zero percent finance and low APR need a good credit score (above 700). If you allow dealer run your credit, it might hurt your credit rating. So, knowing your credit score before meet up with them.

2) They need you to spend more in down payment in order to obtain the low APR loan. Let say the price of a car is $18,000 they might require you to spend $5,000 as down payment. This will probably within our anticipated budget.

3) Must finance with the lender who associate with the dealer. In fact, you may get a better offer from other lenders. Especially your regular bank or credit union, their interest rates offer are always lower than many lenders.

4) If the purpose of buying this new car is for temporary usage or you wish to save money, you may think about leasing this car instead of buying. Monthly payment can be as low as $200. But the car won't have a resale value after the lease expires.

5) Arranging an independent financing, you could probably saving much money from banks, financial institutions instead of car dealer.

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