New Car Loan

Have you ever did some homework before getting a new car loan? If no, you gonna do it now to prevent from selecting a wrong lender.

Almost 70% of cars buying are financed, choosing a right lender become 1st task at taking this loan. Below are some tips provided, please take a look, it might useful to you.

1) 1st and most important step is figure out how is your financial situation. Knowing how much money do you have, your monthly income, expenses of a month and decide paying how much for deposit.

2) Second, check your credit rating through credit bureau or other institutions online. Get a copy of your credit report, good or bad credit will determine the interest rate and offer from lender. If you found that there is an error in your report, you should contact the credit bureau immediately to correct it or clarification.

3) Decide which car model you desire, shop for multiple car dealers. Check prices and information of the car model that you are looking for. Car selecting is based on the purpose of usage, whether is for leisure or work. If the purpose of buying this car is for working, you need to consider many factors such maintenance, payments, durability, insurance, fuel costs and etc.

4) After decided a car model, now is the time to shop for various lenders. Car loans may obtain from banks, credit unions, dealers and financial institutions.

5) Compare the interest rates and terms of all lenders. You may take the best offer among lenders quoted to you. Try to ask for a lower interest from them. And don't forget, select the one which allow refinance.

6) Negotiate with car dealer again, even with same model but it's vary among dealers. Some dealer willing to reduce the car price or give you some gifts to make the deal.

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