Refinance Loan For Mortgage

To get the Refinance Loan for mortgage, you should check the APR at loan market. Make sure the interest rate is lower than your existing loan, otherwise it is not worth to refinance. If you bear a good credit rating and good track record, you will probably be offer a lower rate and favorable term from lender.

Below are some guides and tips provided for those who willing to refinance their home loan :-

1) First of all is to check your home value, how much you still owing for the home loan. The refinance lender will only lending based on LTV (loan to value) ratio with 80% or less than that.

2) If your credit score is not good enough, you are not advice to refinance now. Put some effort to improve your credit score before meet with refinance lenders.

3) Search for refinance mortgage loans online, to find the lowest rate from lenders. Get at least 4 lenders to quote for you.

4) Liaise with your current loan lender, informed that you are looking for refinance loan. They might have better offer to you if you maintain a good record all the while.

5) There is an important thing you should be aware, check your current loan agreement. Is there any pre-payment penalty contained in the contract. Normally, the penalty is will be impose within certain lock-in period, from 3 - 5 years or longer.

6) If the pre-payment is stated in your loan contract, calculate out how much will be incurred. Think thoroughly, is it worth to refinance. Compare the total cost saved from refinance and penalty of the existing loan.

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