Sallie Mae Student Loan

Sallie Mae Student Loan is offer by Sallie Mae, a well known publicly traded company in U.S. The company purchases student loans from the original lenders and provides financing to state student-loan agencies.

Sallie Mae provide many types of loan, the federally guaranteed student loans originated under the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). Beside that, the company also provide comprehensive information and various resources to assist student and their family. And guidance to professionals about the financial aid process.

When applying the student loan, if you knowing the process will save you much time and troubles incur. You must understand the loan process, responsibilities of a borrower, how a co-signer can help you in the application.

In order to get a lower rates and better term, credit score of a borrower and co-signer play a very important role. If your credit score is just fair or bad, you should repair it 6 months before apply for any loans.

Tips on how to build a good credit

1) Pay all your credit bills on time. This is the fastest way to gain a high credit score if you don't have a long credit history. Further more punctual payment will increase the credit score.

2) Regularly check your credit report, to prevent errors make. At least once a year.

3) Pay the balances of credit cards completely each month.

4) Do not open too many lines of credit such credit cards, personal loans and etc.

5) Pay your tax in the correct figure, avoid for tax problems.

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