Secured Personal Loan

Secured personal loan is one of the instrument providing borrowers with access to the funding they need for a variety of reasons. When you need money fast but run out off option you may try out this. It's easier to get approve and the loan process is very fast, some lender even can bank in the fund within a day once the loan approved.

For this option, borrower is required to put collateral to lenders as security. Generally the interest rate is lower than unsecured loan, but there is a risk to borrower, if several default payments happen will cause lose of the collateral placed.

Tips of how to get a secured loan

1) Decide how much money are you going to lend, only borrow what you need. Because you will paying significant interest on the balance of the loan.

2) Contact to your regular bank officer, you will have the chance to get the better term since you are regular customer to them.

3) List down your potential assets, like property, car, boat, cash investment or etc. Select the appropriate assets to put as collateral.

4) Don't just consider the APR (annual percentage rate), you must take consideration on the other parts like the payments term, fees or charges, penalties that attached to the late or missed payment.

5) Seek alternative choice if you are not satisfied with the term offered. There are growing numbers of alternative available to borrower.

6) Negotiate with lender since you have pledged your collateral, you are allow to demand for lower rate.

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