Signature Loan

Signature Loan is a kind of personal loan or unsecured loan that no collateral required. As the name implies, just sign on the lending agreement. The loan simply required your signature as a guarantee that you will repay back the loan.

The eligibility of the loan is based on credit rating and debt-to-income ratio of the borrower.The debt-to-income ratio is the amount of debt versus income of borrower. The lower the ratio the higher the chances of getting the loan. Cause of the loan is not backup by collateral, there are more stringent to get the loan. Only the one meet the minimum credit score and income level required is stand a chance to get it.

The interest rate of the loan is higher than other loans, because the risk of lending is higher than other loans.

While some of these loan lenders still lending to bad credit peoples. The only requirement is to get a co-signer together during application. This will give additional guarantee that loan will be repaid, and the interest will be lower. If borrower default the payment, co-signer who helped the borrower will bear the outstanding debt owed to lender.

You may use the loan for whatever reasons, for business start-up, traveling, education, home improvement and etc. Unless the lender has specified states that you can't use the loan in certain way.

Before liaise with the lender's representative, get all information pertaining to the loan and study the requirements first. Be sure you are fulfilled the requirements then only meet with them.

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