Small Business Loan

With current state of economy, getting a small business loan is not easy as last time. 1st tier lenders have almost ceased all lending, 2nd tier lenders are very caution on who they lending to. If you really need to getting fund for business, you have to learn much and understand what lenders need to know, show them all documents ask for and proof that you have great confident in your business will be profitable. Be prepared to answer all questions by lender, it's quite similar as job interview.

Things that business loan lenders consider the most

1) Well prepared Business Plan

2) Credit History of borrower

3) Business Feasibility

4) Experience and years involved in the business

5) Education of borrower, ability and skills

An important source of getting business loan is banks. Thus, entrepreneur must build a good relation with banks. Some banker willing to share their knowledge and the ability to meet the needs of business with business owner. Below are several tips to build a good relation with banks :-

1) Open a new account at bank and deal with your type and size of business

2) Borrow a short term loan, pay-off quickly to establish your business credit.

3) Manage your account effectively, avoid low balances, overdraws and bounced check

4) Get to know your banker, get them to know your business.

5) Always informing the latest issues to banker, clarification of missed payment, missed projections and etc.

Good relation with banks will be obvious when time to apply for loan or large credit line.

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