Stafford Loan Advice

Stafford loan is one of the best student loan for students and parents to funding their education. The loan is great cause of the loan interest and payment will be subsidized by government until the repayment period begin. And the repayment is begin only after completion study of students plus 6 months of grace period.

Tips of getting the loan

1) First of all, you need to fill out a Federal Financial Aid Form which you can find online at . This step is enable government to find out which type of financial aid you are qualified for.

2) Usually there is a financial aid adviser at school to help students on their financial matters, this is the best start to seek for financial assistance from financial adviser. Otherwise, you may check all relevant information online or ask from those with such experience.

3) Figure out how much overall education cost, submit all information when applying the loan. the documents required such like employment proof of parent, income, water / electricity bills (to proof borrower's residence), course taken and etc.

4) Discuss with financial adviser about grants and scholarships. All these grants and scholarship are not required to repay. Student will only stand a chance to get it after applied.

5) Poor families are likely to get this loan by proofing their financial status and need. Showing all your commitment when apply for the loan.

Beside this loan, there are many other loans products provided by federal government. Although you fulfilled all requirements of the loan, you might not guaranteed will acquire the offer. So, seek for other loans if your get denied.

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