Stafford Loans

Stafford Loans are kind of student loans special made for graduate and undergraduate students enrolled for the courses at least half-time. It's offering by federal government through education department.

For student who are U.S. citizen, permanent resident or eligible non-citizen can apply for the loan. Many students are seeking for the subsidized loans, cause these loans are no repayment required. While, eligibility for a subsidized loan is based on financial need. For unsubsidized loan, is easier to obtain. It's need to repay back plus reasonable interest.

For student who dependent of his / her parent. The limit of subsidized loan is up to total of $13,500 for typical four years program. The loan amount may increase to $19,500 with combination of unsubsidized loan.

An undergraduate student who are not dependent of his/her parent or a student dependent parent but not qualify for plus loan, the limit of subsidized loan is up to $13,500 and can increase to $32,500 with combination of unsubsidized loan.

Professional degree and graduate students can borrow up to $8,500 at subsidized loan and $20,500 in subsidized and unsubsidized combination. Students are limited to borrow $138,500 for undergraduate school and graduate school combined. Some student who enrolled in certain health profession programs can borrow up to $224,000.

Most peoples preference for student loans from federal government cause of the lower rates and various benefits from the loans. However, all these government financial assistance might not enough for your whole school life. A lot of peoples will get private student loans to cover their basic living, transport and course materials during school times.

Private loans typically are required higher interest, before admit to the college / university you should work out a budget for entire study life.

For more student loan information, please check out the Student Loan Guide instead of Stafford Loans

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