Student Loan Consolidation Rate

Student loan consolidation rate play a very important role when consolidate your several loans into 1 new loan. With lowest rate and right lender, you could save up to 20% of the loans and even more than that. Students are advice that search for more information and understand the consolidation loan before dealing with lenders, especially the interest rate offer.

When decided to take loan consolidation, there are 2 ways available - federal or private. Generally the interest rate of federal loan is lower than private loan. But in order to get the federal consolidation loan, your debt amount must be at least 10 thousand, must be graduate and did not defaulted any federal loans previously. However, private consolidation loan do not required as like federal loan. There is a limit set by federal government, for student consolidation loan the interest rate maximum reached to 8.25%. Some financial institution can offer as low as 1%.

The consolidation loan is not difficult to find, you may find numerous lenders online. Other than interest rate, there are somethings you should check against the lender's company such the reputation of company, term of payment, flexibility of payment, reduction of loan and customer services.

Search and take a look at the existing market rate, they can be found easily. Just use the popular search engines such Yahoo, Google and MSN, tons of relevant information will be prompt out immediately. Mark down the rate from various loan lender, select 3 legitimate companies to quote for you.

After rounds of comparisons and negotiations, the best rate and offer will be appear in front of you.

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