Student Loan Debt

Nowadays student loan debt increasing year after year. Around 2/3 of graduate bear a debt for student loan, average amounting $20,000. They will start paying back the loans after the grace period. Therefore, many students seeking a way to reduce the debt.

There are many ways to reduce debt, 2 most preferable ways is consolidate the loan and refinance the loan.

Tips to reduce loan debt

1) Explore all financial aid option before taking the maximum loan amount. The scholarships, grants will significantly help to decrease cost of education and most important is there are no repayment required for the aid.

2) Some schools permitted students to work for them as a reward to reduce the loan debt. Check it out with your college or university is there the same scheme provided for students.

3) Attending a 2 years course at beginning, transfer your credit to 4 years course. This route will will allow you to get many of your general education courses out of the way for a much lower tuition than attending a 4-year institution.

4) During 1st few years after graduation, avoid misuse of your income, Create a budget on how much living expenses and other needs. Use your extra money to pay for student loans, this will reduce your interest and shorten the payment term.

5) Paying on time, never defer your monthly payments. This will not only to build your credit rating, some lenders will have a special rate reduction for borrower paying on time.

6) Consolidate your multiple loans into 1 loan. Make sure the interest rate of the new loan is lower than the existing loans.

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