Student Loan Information

Knowing more student loan information that you will need to make an informed decision as to what financial aid you will need in order to further you education and studies.

The cost of education has rise tremendously from year by year. Average increases of 6% per year is common. Thus, students and parents must select student loans carefully, the education cost amount is greater ever. That's mean borrowers have to repay back big amount of loan plus much interest. Taking a right student loans will save very much money than you think.

The 2 main sources of student loan are from government and private. Other than loan, some student aid such grants and scholarships also provided by federal government. Generally, the interest rates of federal loans are lower than private loan, some students get the private loans as supplementary to support their living, accomodation, transport and other expenses.

Some low interest student loans

1) Federal subsidized Stafford Loans

2) Federal unsubsidized Stafford Loans

3) Federal Perkins Loans

4) Federal parent PLUS Loans

5) Private (alternative) loans

Some common questions when dealing with lenders

1) What is the limit of this loan, is that can take out more than Cost of Attendance?

2) Can defer the loan payment? What are the terms and conditions?

3) What interest rate offer based on my credit rating, is the rate fixed or variable?

4) What type of fees I need to pay associate with this loan?

5) Will a cosigner drive down the interest rate?

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