Tenant Loan

There is a special loan known as Tenant loan in the market. It is particularly made for those non-homeowner, just follow the stringent set of procedure you will stand a chance to obtain the loan. A bad credit bearer also can apply for this loan, but the interest rate is definitely higher than other loans.

Here are some useful tips to get the loan be approve :-

1) Figure out your credit rating status is the first move of obtaining the loan. Just visit the websites of Credit Bureau, "Equifax", "Experian" and "TransUnion", you can get a free copy of your credit report from them.

2) Fill in the real and accurate personal information and details, sufficient information will accelerate the loan process.

3) Limit your loan application - you may search multiple lenders to get their information, but please narrow down the potential lenders into 2 - 3. Apply too many and be declined by lenders will hurt your credit score and reputation.

4) Make sure your credit rating is sufficient to apply for the loan, a really bad credit is not likely to be approve and possibility of getting deny is higher.

5) Have a permanent employment - this is one of the main factor lender will look into to determine lending money to you or not. Having a stable employment and income will increase the chances of getting the loan. Thus, during application you should submit a photocopy of your letter appointment from employer and pay stubs to prove your financial status.

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