Tenant Loans

Tenant Loans are special designed for people without home and property. These loans can be categorized as type of unsecured loan, if your carry a bad credit score you will find that hard to obtain the loan.

Anyhow, improve your credit score is the first thing you should do before apply for the loan. There are several ways of improving credit score, please refer to the following tips :-

1) 1st, you need to check out your credit score from the relevant websites such "TransUnion", "Experian" & "Equifax". Knowing your status first and plan how long of the duration take to repair your credit.

2) Check your credit report carefully, should you discover any mistakes happen on your report you should report to credit bureau. To make an immediate rectification, after your report be corrected your credit score shall raise back to the actual score.

3) Find out and list down all debt owed to banks / lenders. Discuss and negotiate with them on how to repay back the debt, if possible pay-off partial of the loan debt.

4) Make sure you are paying all bills on time for the following months. Do not default any payments, otherwise your credit score will be hurt badly.

5) Get some short term loan with small amount, quickly pay them off to gain your credit score. The best offers always reserve for those with excellent credit.

6) Repeat the actions - payment on time, pay-off short term loans for several months, you will figure out that your credit score is increasing.

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