How to get the best loan

Finding the best loan isn't difficult as you think, you just need to know your situation before you shop for various lenders in the market. Be clear on your purpose of getting the loan, whether is for buying car, home, education, business and etc.

Below are some useful tips to acquire the best offer :-

1) Check your credit rating - visit some credit websites such "TransUnion", "experian" & "Equifax". Know your credit status before shop for multiple lenders. If your credit score is good or excellent, you will likely to get a better offers. Otherwise, try to improve your credit score before shop for numerous lenders.

2) Plan the repayment properly - decide how much you will place as down payment and how long you wish to the payment term? 10, 15 or 20 years, all depend your financial status and circumstances.

3) Shop for various lenders - do not rely entirely on 1 lender, there might be more favorable offers from other lenders. The best offer will be appear after few rounds of negotiations and comparisons.

4) Take your time to compare rates, terms and conditions, closing costs, penalties of various lenders. Narrow your potential lenders into 2, and negotiate for better rate.

5) Make sure you read and understand all details of the agreement before signing on it. Is that all rate, term and other conditions are same as per negotiation? You must check through all.

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