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Personal loans are the common loan type in many nations, in order to get the best deal you should find multiple loans companies that lending these loans. To qualified for the top lending companies in U.S., the company should has a consistent track record of smart lending. Below are some well known companies :-

1. 1st National Bank of Arizona

2. Bank of Blue Valley

3. America's Mortgage Bank

4. Bank of America

5. Bravo Credit Corporation

6) Benchmark Mortgage

To qualify for the loan, here are some prerequisites of borrower :-

1) Good credit record - you must maintain a good record to eligible for the loan. It is easy to maintain a good record, just making a punctual payments for all credit card bills, loan debt.

2) Must have a stable income and employment - you must worked as least 6 months for the company and have sufficient income to repay debt.

3) Debt to income ratio - The debt ratio shall not exceed 35% of your income, otherwise your application will probably be reject.

Some items needed when applying to the loan

1) Proof of income and photocopy of your license, lender may need to see your pay stubs recently. Generally, they will require borrower to furnish 3 continuous months pay stubs to them.

2) The loan application must be fully filled and all information provided are correct, Signature affixed to the loan application form.

3) Lender will required that members close the loan personally at the credit union, during the disbursal of funds.

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