UK Bad Credit Car Loan

Getting a UK bad credit car loan is easier than you think, as long as you clearly understand the loan process, requirements and tips providing here. Be prepare and do some home works is must before applying loan.

Many peoples will turn down by several denied by loan lenders, in fact, there are still many lenders willing give you a helping hand during your hard time. The point is are you willing to find them out?

Tips of getting auto loan

1) Check your credit score to know exactly where you stand, excellence, good, poor, low credit or even bankrupt. You will still have a chance to get car loan even though bankrupt.

2) Proof your working history to lender, in UK normally they will request for 6 months salary slip within a company. This is to ensure you are under employed and have stable income. (One more requirement applied by most lenders is the borrower must be at least 18 years old. Otherwise, he / she is not qualified for the loan.)

3) Estimate your monthly repayment, included your car expenses like fuel, maintenance and insurances.

4) Shop for various lenders, this will enable you to choose the best offer from them.

5) Clean credit record like positive saving in 6 months, and have good 6 months bank record will help in applying any loans.

After acquired the car loan and get your desire car, do forget to save up some money for emergency uses. Sometime car may broke down or car accident may happen to everybody, all these matters require a lot of money to solve.

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