UK Personal Loan

UK personal loan, a loan that have many reasons peoples preferable for it. To buy a car, new fridge, house improvement, consolidate debt or etc. As the name personal, it's solely for personal use, lenders will not care how are you going to spent the money. What they concerned is borrower's ability to repay the loan plus interest.

Similar to other personal loans, it's consisted in 2 forms - unsecured and secured . For unsecured loan, borrower is not required to offer any collateral to back the loan. This loan type is suitable for people who don't own a house or any valuable assets. Since there are no secured against any of their property or asset the lender will be financing at great risk and hence the rate of interest definitely is high. While for secured loan, borrower are required to offer collateral so that the loan company can have some insurance for their capital. Normally the amount involved in secured loan is greater than unsecured loan, and the interest is much lower.

Sources of getting personal loans in UK

1) Traditional high street banks - Available in all town and have many branches, they will charge a little higher interest compare with online banks

2) Online banks - Convenience form of banking, interest charge lower than other kind of lenders.

3) Supermarkets, post offices and shops - They are offer personal loans as well, can take in personal loans together with other purchases.

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