Virginia Home Equity Loan

Virginia Home Equity Loan rate has come to historical low. If you want to buy a home at Virginia, you must familiarize with 2 main products. Which are :-

1) HELOC- Home Equity Line of Credit. You reserve the right to draw money from this product (Within the loan amount). You just paying the interest of the money drawn, and repay the principal amount drawn at end of lending period or specified date.

2) 2nd Mortgage - Get the money in one lump sum amount, the rate is fixed and you routine paying the same monthly amount.

Useful Tips For Home Equity Borrower

1) To avoid unnecessary fees from lenders, the fees charges by lenders is vary each other. Look for a lender who offering lowest closing fee and rate.

2) For variable mortgage, you should check with lender on how frequent they will adjust the rate. It can be monthly or quarterly. Quarterly is better than monthly.

3) To avoid prepayment penalties - Look for a lender willing to give a flexibility on interest payment only or waive of prepayment penalties. This will prevent being fine in case you encounter a financial problem.

4) Check the current rate online before shop to lenders. Ensure you are knowing the index and margin to calculate the fully indexed rate.

5) Get at least 3 lenders to quote and tabulate all information in a comparison. Be sure they are quoted at the same amount and term (You must compare apple to apple).

6) Once selected the lender, try to negotiate with the them. Some of them willing to reduce the interest rate and closing cost if they are really intended acquire your deal. From the deal, you will save much money.

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